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Drill Run - Pokémon Move

The Pokémon move Drill Run. Information on which Pokémon are able to learn the move as well as its description can be found below, organized by name and generation. For a complete list of all the Pokémon moves, check out our complete move list.

  • Drill Run
  • ground
  • Physical Attack, damage based on Atk and Def
  • Power: 80
  • PP: 10
  • Accuracy: 95%
The user crashes into its target while rotating its body like a drill. Critical hits land more easily.

Learnt By Leveling Up

Name BlaWhi B2W2 XY
Fearow lvl 53 lvl 53
Rhyhorn lvl 45 lvl 45 lvl 45
Rhydon lvl 47 lvl 47 lvl 47
Dunsparce lvl 43 lvl 43
Rhyperior lvl 47 lvl 47 lvl 47
Drilbur lvl 43 lvl 43 lvl 43
Excadrill lvl 55 lvl 55 lvl 55

Learnt By Egg Hatching

Name BlaWhi B2W2 XY

Learnt By Move Tutor