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Guard Split - Pokémon Move

The Pokémon move Guard Split. Information on which Pokémon are able to learn the move as well as its description can be found below, organized by name and generation. For a complete list of all the Pokémon moves, check out our complete move list.

  • Guard Split
  • psychic
  • No Damage.
  • Power: -
  • PP: 10
  • Accuracy: -
The user employs its psychic power to average its Defense and Sp. Def stats with those of the target.

Learnt By Leveling Up

Name BlaWhi B2W2 XY
Shuckle lvl 55 lvl 45 lvl 45
Baltoy lvl 48 lvl 34 lvl 34
Claydol lvl 54 lvl 34 lvl 34
Latias lvl 75 lvl 75 lvl 75
Yamask lvl 33 lvl 33 lvl 33
Cofagrigus lvl 33 lvl 33 lvl 33
Elgyem lvl 50 lvl 50 lvl 50
Beheeyem lvl 56 lvl 56 lvl 56
Carbink lvl 27

Learnt By Egg Hatching

Name BlaWhi B2W2 XY