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Fell Stinger - Pokémon Move

The Pokémon move Fell Stinger. Information on which Pokémon are able to learn the move as well as its description can be found below, organized by name and generation. For a complete list of all the Pokémon moves, check out our complete move list.

  • Fell Stinger
  • bug
  • Physical Attack, damage based on Atk and Def
  • Power: 30
  • PP: 25
  • Accuracy: 100%
When the user knocks out a target with this move, the user’s Attack stat rises sharply.

Learnt By Leveling Up

Name XY
Beedrill lvl 45
Ariados Basic
Qwilfish lvl 60
Kricketune lvl 36
Vespiquen lvl 57
Skorupi lvl 47
Drapion lvl 53
Leavanny lvl 34
Escavalier Basic
Genesect Basic

Learnt By Egg Hatching

Name XY